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“Everyone who has ever read a legal text knows that the law uses a different language. A highly complex language where each word is a subtle reflection of legal provisions and case-law, or is the culmination of long negotiations. Finding exactly the right word and constructing sentences correctly is a skill that can be decisive for your success.”


Juristische Übersetzungen von Übersetzerin Katharine Eyre

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11 years' experience in the legal profession in Austria

English native speaker

Legal education in England, Germany and Austria

Expert texts require an expert translator

Translating legal texts does not just require the translator to have flawless knowledge of the source and target languages, but also a thorough understanding of the relevant legal systems and extensive practical experience.

I completed my legal education in England, Germany and Austria. This helped me to develop a pronounced sensitivity for the concepts and the language customary in both common law and civil law jurisdictions.

In compliance with the so-called “mother tongue principle“, I only translate into the English language. This ensures the top quality of my translations.

I also translate texts from fields other than law. Just give me a call or write an email to obtain a non-binding quote.

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