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“Classic” legal translation

Despite the fact that an ever-increasing share of worldwide translation work is now being done by machines, there is still a place for classic “handmade” translations. In many cases, a specialist legal translation which has been completely produced and edited by a human is the better, safer and most efficient solution.

Certain legal translations demand a high level of creativity to achieve a certain objective or desired effect with the target text. In cases where a legal translation has to be both technically precise and serve marketing purposes, only a human can find the right balance between tone and terminology. This is especially the case with the translation of websites: the translator is not simply required to deliver linguistic accuracy, but also to integrate elements of corporate identity, brands and marketing strategy.

On the other hand, there are customers who have not yet built up the necessary trust in the machine translation technologies. This could be due to confidentiality concerns, or because they simply do not believe that a machine can deliver the desired quality. I completely understand this and am of course pleased to provide a “handmade” legal translation.

If you need a specialist legal translation and only a “classic” translation will do, Spezialis legal translation agency, Vienna is at your side.

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Machine translation & post-editing

Machine translation technologies have seen rapid development over the past few years. The proportion of translation work which is done by machines is constantly on the rise.

Until recently, tools such as Google Translate and DeepL had not yet attained a stage of development where they could deliver the level of quality or nuance required in legal translations. However, the underlying technologies have been continously improved and refined over the past few years. Functions like glossaries have been added, which help to maintain consistency in terminology.  Thanks to these developments, it is now conceivable for machine translation technologies to be used for certain legal translations.

However, translation machines are still a long way off human parity. It is exceedingly rare for the raw output to be perfect right away, with most machine translations needing to be revised before they can be delivered to the customer. In the translation industry, this revision process is referred to as “post-editing” and can be offered in different variants, depending on what requirements apply to the final text.

“Light post-editing” means a quick revision of the machine-translated text to make it understandable for the reader in the target language. Spelling and grammatical errors are corrected and any unsuitable terminology adjusted or removed. Errors of a purely stylistic nature are left in the text. The final result is a text which accurately reflects the content of the source text – but which is not “polished” in terms of style or flow.

“Full post-editing”, on the other hand, means revising the machine-translated text for spelling, grammatical and style errors and ensuring that it is also a smooth read. “Human parity” should be achieved, i.e. the post-edited text should have the same level of quality as if a human had done the translation from scratch.

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Other services

I do not just consider myself a legal translator, but as an all-round services provider for the legal sector.

To help my customers meet the challenges of the digitised world head-on, I have broadened by service offer. Besides “classic” legal translation and post-editing, I also offer the following services:

  • copywriting
  • Google ads campaigns
  • SEO

Whether you want to restructure your website to achieve your SEO objectives, need quality web copy or want to reach more customers with a Google Ads campaign – Spezialis has the right know-how and experience to help you.

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