SEO copywriting, legal copywriting

Spezialis Translations is not just a provider of legal translation services. I am also an SEO content writer, specialising in legal copywriting. For content that your customers – and the search engines – will love.

These days, it’s no longer enough to have an attractive website that provides accurate information about your goods and services. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is now a fixed part of any company’s marketing strategy. And here, content counts. Content isn’t just about providing existing and potential clients with valuable information about your business. Properly SEO-optimised copy can help push you up the search engine results lists towards those valuable top spots.

Why you need an SEO copywriter

Visibility at the top of search engines results pages (SERP) mean extra business and value, so it’s important to have them in your sights and develop a strategy for getting there. Having a good SEO copywriter is an essential step towards that goal. SEO content writers analyse your business, your website, and the ways in which potential customers search for your goods and services. They will identify the most relevant keywords for your marketing objectives and construct texts around them.

An SEO copywriter knows exactly how to craft content so that it is aligned with your SEO strategy while still being engaging and offering value to readers. Content that readers will love and be happy to share on social media, blogs, etc. These links add to your website’s authority and relevance – the key criteria by which Google’s algorithms judge websites when deciding on rankings.

Creating content that has a chance of ranking well takes time, thought and effort. Legal copywriting in particular requires a certain amount of research. Outsourcing the task to me as an SEO copywriter will lighten the load so that you can get on with what you do best – running your business.

Spezialis legal copywriting services

With an education in English, German and Austrian laws, 11 years’ experience in the Austrian legal sector, Spezialis Translations is ideally placed to help you with your legal copywriting and SEO needs. Just let me know your objectives or the specs for the piece of content you need and I’ll get it done, no fuss. Having worked for many years in the legal sector, I’m well-versed with how the business works and how (potential) customers think. I can leverage that knowledge to target the right users so the money you invest in SEO brings returns.

As an SEO content writer, I am not restricted to legal copywriting. I am versatile and flexible and can turn my hand to copywriting in other industries too. From website copy to newsletters, Facebook snippets, blog articles and product brochures. Spezialis can help you to draw in and engage your website users and turn them into valuable paying customers.

The way to SEO-optimised content:

What services I provide as an SEO copywriter will depend on whether you already have someone taking care of your SEO strategy or not. Spezialis is happy to craft an SEO strategy for you, but if that’s already taken care of, I can create individual pieces of content to help you implement it.

Strategy + content

If you are just starting out with SEO, Spezialis would be happy to design a strategy for you and produce the content to implement it.

Just get in touch with me, let me know about your business and what you want to achieve with your SEO project and I will put together a tailor-made offer for you.

Work will cover the creation of a strategy, initial implementation and ongoing optimisation. Don’t worry if you don’t see results right away – SEO is a marathon not a sprint. It will take several months to collect a meaningful amount of data for optimisation. Patience is key!

Content created to order

If you are all set with a strategy but just need to create SEO-optimised content to implement it, Spezialis would be delighted to act as your SEO copywriter. Simply send me a specification for the piece of content your need (being as precise as possible!) and I will send you an offer.