Legal translation of expert articles & publications

The increasing significance of the German-speaking area in international business means a higher demand for English language publications. Highlight your expert knowledge and gain international recognition with a professional translation of your work into English.

I can translate the following publications from German into English for you:

  • Expert articles (e.g. for English language legal magazines/periodicals, newspapers or corporate publications)
  • Legal textbooks (e.g. for distribution on the international market)
  • Commentaries

My translation services for expert articles and publications

  • Translation of entire (or individual sections of) books and articles
  • Proofreading and editing of existing translations (“Native Check”)
  • One round of corrections included in the price (incl. adjustment of text according to your wishes)

How to get your legal publications translated:

  • Send me the documents which you would like translated into English. Please do not forget to tell me for which medium the publications are intended and whether certain style guidelines apply!
  • I will provide a quote and clarify any questions about the translation.
  • I complete the translation and submit it within the agreed period. I will contact you promptly if any questions arise during the translation process.
  • Ideally, the publication should be sent to me as a final draft. However, sometimes things need to move faster and there is some overlap between drafting and translation. I understand this completely and closely cooperate with my clients to add any subsequent changes to the translation.

What’s so special about a legal translation?

Translating legal texts is a huge challenge which only expert translators should take on. Why? A precise translation doesn’t only demand flawless knowledge of source and target languages, but also a thorough understanding of the legal systems involved. On top of that, the translator must also have practical legal experience.

If that sounds almost impossible to you, you are right! There are only a few translators on the market who possess all of these skills. Legal translation is no sport for lone wolves. Translation and law are two disciplines where “right” and “wrong” are seldom clear cut – dealing with grey areas are part of the job. It follows that a good legal translation is the result of a good cooperation between client and translator.

What are the advantages of working with Spezialis?

  • Prompt reply and submission of quote.
  • Besides many years of experience as a lawyer, I have also completed a course in journalism, including modules in corporate publishing and public relations. This provided me with knowledge on the various writing styles used for different publications. This helps me to strike the right tone and find the right words for a translation.
  • At Spezialis, I complete all translations myself. I don’t pass on work to third parties, so you can be absolutely sure that your information is kept confidential.
  • When it comes to translation, I believe it’s a case of “too many cooks spoiling the broth”. Because I am the only translator to work on a document, there is no mixing of writing styles which can negatively affect the “flow” of the final product. This increases the quality and readability of the target text.