Legal translation of court judgments & official decisions

One of the consequences of globalisation is the internationalisation of proceedings at court and official authorities. If you are involved in proceedings, you must know what is going on and what a decision means for you. Familiarising yourself with the caselaw in a specific area is also very important when making business decisions.

I can translate the following procedural documents into English for you:

  • Court judgments
  • Official decisions
  • Written pleadings (applications, replies etc.), minutes
  • Correspondence

My translation services for court judgments and official decisions

  • Translation of whole judgments/decisions or selected parts
  • 1 x round of corrections is included in the price

How to get the translation you want:

  • Send me the documents (or part of the document) which you would like to have translated. If possible, please send the source text as a Word document – I need to know the number of characters to calculate the price!
  • I will send you a non-binding quote as well as any questions I may have about the source text.
  • When you give the go-ahead, I begin the translation and deliver it within the agreed timeframe.
  • Documents from courts and authorities frequently contain long, complex sentences or use archaic language. If any questions arise during the translation, I will contact you promptly to clarify.

Specialist translators are so expensive…is it worth it?

Absolutely! There are excellent providers on the market, who have completed their translation studies with top grades and have years of experience. However, this does not mean that they are equipped to tackle the challenge of a legal translation.

Specialised translators are familiar with translation theories and strategies. They also have other skills and points of view which are crucial if the translation is going to be a success. For example, legal translators know how laws are structured, what the various sources of law are and how to interpret legal rules and contractual clauses. With legal translations, this is a clear advantage.

Why you should work with me

  • Prompt response and delivery of a quote
  • 11 years’ work experience in business and financial law
  • Unlike other agencies, with Spezialis you work directly with the translator. This enables any questions about the translation to be discussed quickly and efficiently and corrections to be made.