Legal translation of contracts and general terms and conditions

A body of legally and linguistically watertight contracts is essential for structuring business relationships with your customers, investors and employees. Depending on the industry or activity, documentation could consist of bilateral contracts, general terms and conditions or unilateral declarations.

I translate the following documents from German into English:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Contracts (e.g. sale contracts, non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts)
  • Declarations (e.g. waivers)

What I offer

  • Complete translation from German into English
  • Translation of individual sections or clauses of a contract or terms & conditions
  • Proofreading and editing of existing translations
  • Insertion of any agreed amendments (price quoted includes one round of corrections, if required)

Here’s how to get your contracts & co. translated:

  1. You send me the document – email is quickest, but you can also send hardcopies
  2. I will provide you with an offer as well as any questions I have about the project – to be answered if you accept the offer.
  3. I commence work on the translation
  4. After the punctual delivery of the translation, I remain available for your questions and to make any amendments required as part of a free round of corrections (covered by the price quoted).

Why engaging a legal translator is the smart choice

Lawyers read in a different way to laypeople. They don’t just have an eye for the subtle details, but also keep the big picture in mind. They know which principles apply to the contract, what the definitions used mean and how they can interpret the wills of the authors. This all influences the choice of words and how the sentences are structured in the target text – and therefore also the accuracy and quality of the translation.

Spezialis at a glance

  • Rapid response and submission of a quote, efficient cooperation
  • 11 years’ work experience in the Austrian legal profession, specialising in banking and finance
  • In contrast to agencies, at Spezialis, you have direct contact to the translator. Any questions about the project can be answered quickly and efficiently – no middle men.

How to contact me

Telephone: +43 660 745 6366

Request your non-binding offer here!

Translation of contracts

Whether you want to take out or grant a loan, purchase a piece of real estate or acquire shares in a company, there are many reasons for concluding a contract.

Besides the standard clauses (applicable law, jurisdiction, severability clause), contractual parties negotiate a range of different clauses to realise their business and personal objectives and protect themselves against risk.

Put simply, a contract is an expression of the wills of the parties. Its content is not just determined by the law applicable to it but also by the negotiations between the parties to it.

It makes sense to have your contract translated by someone with experience in drafting and negotiating them.

Translation of general terms and conditions

Many business use general terms and conditions as a foundation on which to conduct business. Because general terms and conditions govern so many business relationships, it is important to make sure that their content is just right. Even if the German language version of your business terms and conditions should prevail, a good English translation opens the door to international business.

Bilateral contracts are not the only legal instrument to be used in business. Unilateral declarations are used in may situations. These include declarations of confidentiality, waivers and acknowledgments. Such documents help to structure and amend legal relationships and provide clarity.

English legal trivia

In England, all land belongs to the Crown. However, the Crown can grant ownership in an abstract parcel of rights in relation to the land: this is called an “estate”. The largest parcel of rights which can be granted in land is called the “fee simple estate”.

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