Legal translation of excerpts from the companies register, CVs, references

Today, people are more mobile than ever before. Going to live and work abroad is now quite normal. And of course all of your key documents have to come with you when you set off for foreign shores. Get one step closer to realising your international ambitions with professional English translations of your most important papers.

My translation services cover the following types of documents:

  • Job applications (e.g. CV, cover letter)
  • Excerpts from the company register
  • References

PLEASE NOTE: I am not authorised to produce certified translations. Thank you for your understanding.

Getting your key documents translated by Spezialis is easy:

  • You send me the documents to be translated per email. Word documents are best; pdf files are also fine.
  • I submit an offer and agree on the next steps (deadline, form of delivery etc.)
  • I execute the translation and deliver as agreed. If you have have queries or would like any changes to be made, just get in touch to discuss.


Points to note:

  • The offer price already includes one round of corrections after the initial delivery of the translation
  • If you send me documents as pdf files, please check that the content is depicted correctly and completely! Scanning defects make it much more difficult to ensure accurate translation.

Do I really need a legal translator?

Translating legal texts is a highly complex activity which makes many demands of the translator. He/she requires not only perfect knowledge of source and target languages, but also a thorough understanding of the workings of the legal systems involved. In essence, doing a legal translation entails the constant comparison of those systems.

This is made all the more difficult when the respective legal systems stem from different traditions, as is the case with translations between German and English. Comparing and contrasting a civil law system with common law requires a deep knowledge of those laws as well as the ability to think flexibly and analytically.

You should choose Spezialis because…

  • I have thorough knowledge of the English, German and Austrian legal orders plus years of practical experience in the Austrian legal profession.
  • I do all translations myself, thus ensuring linguistic and stylistic uniformity as well as the confidentiality of any information provided to me.
  • As far as translations go, I think that talk is good: you can contact me directly to clarify and open points and give feedback on my work.

How to get in touch

Telephone: +43 660 745 6366

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I never knew that!

Anyone with a few years’ work experience under their belts will know what a challenge it is to condense all your skills and achievements into a concise and attractive CV. Imagine what it must have been like for the original author of a CV: the original polymath – Leonardo da Vinci.

If we are to believe the legend, in the late 15th century, da Vinci was looking for work and so compiled a list of his skills to send to the Duke of Milan. The job da Vinci sought to secure was that of a military engineer and so mentioned such skills as the ability to make covered chariots as well as “plans for light and portable bridges”.

It is believed that da Vinci commissioned a professional writer to put the document together. His efforts paid off: the Duke took da Vinci on and later gave him the commission to paint The Last Supper.

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